UV Protection
UV light affects the quality of the beverages by photo-oxidation of  their components. UV filters provide protection from UV exposure for bottles and content as well. UV protection additives could be used both in clear and colour preforms.

Antistatic  additive
Plastic materials can accumulate static charge on their surface. The antistatic additive allows preforms to slip, preventing scratches and dust building on the preforms’ surface. By using the antistatic additive the performs do not stick together in the packaging as well as during the filling in the blowing equipment.
Energy saving / reheat  additive
The heat transferred to the preforms during blowing process is realized by the IR radiation. During the blowing process, this energy saving additive improves the energy distribution on the preforms body and decreases the energy required for this process.

AA Scavenger
A high content of Acetaldehyde (AA) in the PET (resin, perform, bottle) may give a specific taste and odour to the beverage. The AA scavenger additive reduces the acetaldehyde in PET up to 80%.

Oxygen  Scavanger
Even small quantities of oxigen (O2) can combine directly with components that are naturally present as characteristics of beverages and convert them ito modified compounds. These components are mainly: flavours, vitamins, antioxidants.

Oxygen scavenger additivs block the migration of O2 to the bottle wall and capture it chemically if the O2 is already in the container headspace.

Oxygen scavanger and carbon dioxide barrier
CSD and beer not only need O2 protection, but also need to keep the carbon dioxide (CO2) in. Maintaining the CO2 at the freshly packages level the original quality of the beverage is preserved.
The O2 / CO2 barrier prevent both O2 and CO2 gases from passing through the bottle wall.

PET packagindg market is in a continous development. In this respect we developed together with our colour suppliers shades for transparent translucent as well for opaque packaging.
Colours are addressed to each bottler’s type: water, CSD, natural juice, dairy.

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