Environmental responsibility

Environmental concerns have led to growing consumer interest in packaging materials and their recyclability that is why ever since 1999, when we launched our Romanian operations, we have successfully created and implemented friendly environmental policies.
Our plant is fully fitted with equipment that prevents pollution. We have managed to bring the environmental impact of our production process to a minimum, while ensuring proper conditions for a safe working environment for our employees.
The industry is innovating, producing new raw materials that are more environmentally friendly. PLA (polilactic acid – produced from corn) represents an alternative to the PET resin produced from oil.

AMRAZ ROMANIA works with companies specialized in environmental protection that safely recycles our raw material and packaging.

In 2010, the determinations and analyses referring to water, toxic emissions, noise and vibrations were performed by the Lab S.C. LACECA S.A.

It is certified that all parameters measured are within the limits imposed by the European Union regulations, through the Reports and Analyses Bulletins no: 365/22.04.2010, 639/05.07.2010, 893/14/09/2010, 153/17.01.2011 (for water), 005/02.03.2010 (toxic emissions), 003/02.03.2010 (noise), 004/02.03.2010(Vibrations), 006/02.03.2010 (Imissions).

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