Company Overview

Amraz Group was founded in the early 1939 in Israel and operates in two production areas. One of them, based in Romania, was established in 1999. The Romanian plant is located on the Pantelimon industrial platform, very close to Bucharest.

The experience acquired by Amraz Romania, along with the skills and know-how of our professionals have quickly enabled us to become market leader in Romania. Our plant also delivers to clients in Central and Eastern Europe.

The know-how and innovative technology we use for manufacturing PET preforms and bottles helped us become agreed supplier for multinational companies operating in the field of mineral waters, soft drinks and beer in PET bottles, both in Romania, and Central and Eastern Europe.
AMRAZ ROMANIA is recognized for its best quality products in the market and best service associated: technical assistance and products development.

Contact us via e-mail or call +40.21.352.11.15-20 and fax +40.21.352.11.18.